The Pit Of Despair

We can find ourselves many times in the pit of despair. Life can bring a huge problems that are beyond our strength and wisdom. You can feel like we have nowhere to turn. We think of those who we know that we might turn to our despair, but we may realize that it’s not going to enough. When we find ourselves in the mire of an unfortunate predicament and there is no one to help pull us out.

We may have made mistakes, unwise decisions, or we have gone in the wrong direction. When we have ended up in the wrong place, I feel like lost sheep, who have wandered off the path that God had for our lives.

We need to be David in the Psalms. We need to remember God and turn to Him. We need to cry out an hour to spare to God, who is waiting to hear our cry. As I read the Psalms, I have come to realize the David of the Bible, has went through every thing we go through in life. I gives me strength that I can go to the book of Psalms and learn how to cry out to God. There is a God in heaven, who is full of compassion and mercy. He hears and answers our prayers. God never changes and He always puts my on solid ground. It’s not God‘s, will that we slip into a pit and remain there. He comes to steady us as we walk through this life. He will rescue us, and deliver us, and becomes our hope for living.

God has helped me out of the pit of despair and confusion. I am no longer hopeless because God gives me hope. He has given me a new direction.

He strengthens us to do his will. His Words will be in our hearts and will sanctifies us, removing the old and bringing in the new. Through the grace of God our lives will not longer feel empty. We will search no more for worldly things to fill the hole inside of us.

“Lord, you have brought up my soul from Sheol. You have kept me alive that I should not go down to the pit.” – Psalm 30:3

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