Advice For Your Soul

Each morning I take time to meditate and communicate with God. I thank him for another day and another opportunity to help others. I listen for His Advice and share it with others.

Many of us wake up each day and go about our daily activities without much thought. We aren’t necessarily happy, but we aren’t the fulfillment we yearn for. If we want to reach new heights and go places we’ve never gone, and do things we’ve never done, we are going to have to leave the nest. Spread your wings.

When we awaken in the morning, our first thoughts we have are what usually shape our day. If we take this time to get our minds right and set our intentions, we are bound to have a more positive day. Set your intentions.

We have all gone through something in our lives that was difficult or uncomfortable. Perhaps a loss of a loved one, or a breakup, or maybe even an addiction. Getting through that was a process, but we made it through to the other side if we share our experiences with others we can help them through it. Recover out loud.

Many of us struggle to be our true selves. Fearing what people will think of us, we begin weaving our own version of the truth into every story we tell, until even we can’t separate fantasy from reality. Authenticity is what we really need if we want others to see who we really are and understand us. Be authentic.

Once we decide what we want to do with our lives, who we want to be, we have to make a plan, envision it, and be intentional with your actions. No one can sit back and wait for opportunities to comes to us. Life doesn’t work like that. We can’t be afraid to fail. If we want to succeed, we have to dive right in with every intention of achieving the purpose you want. Dive in.

If we want to make our dreams come true. We need to be intentional. Make a plan commit to it and put forth the necessary action to see fruit from it. (to see ourselves making progress.) We must live it, breathe it to become it. When we do this, we will see our efforts rewarded. Make your dreams a reality.

Many of us have had to learn the hard way, that we can’t force our will on others. We can, however, be an example that promotes the change we would like to see. We can set healthy boundaries and let others know our values by living them. Be an example.

We will face many challenges in our lives. It can take several attempts to overcome some of these challenges. It can even take help from others. Don’t be discouraged. We only fail when we stop trying. If it doesn’t go the way you wanted try again.

It seems like we all have time to complete tasks at work or develop ourselves professionally, but many of us don’t take the time to work on ourselves personally. It’s sad many of us feel our worth or value is tied to a position or how many possessions we can collect. We are the biggest projects we should work on.

Sunday is usually the day we focus on God, we talk to him, praying for some type of blessing. We may mediate and listen for His guidance. With our spirits renewed, we rush out to our lives and forget about him until the following Sunday. If we talked to God as often as we did our friends or our love ones. We could have that renewed feeling everyday. Most of us talk to God during our times of struggle or trouble but forget about Him when things are going good. If we want to feel encouraged we need to do it everyday, maybe even a couple times a day.

Steps of Managing You’re Emotional Triggers

One of the many wonders of your brain how it rationalizes your behavior.

Something happens and you react, and then your brain instantly concocts a reason for your reaction that seems to justify your behavior even if the reason makes no sense. Like, when you get angry because you can’t find on object when doing a task. Have you ever been wrapping gifts and you lose the tape you are using and you blame someone else for taking it or sitting them down somewhere else.You ignore the reasons that your frustrated and your patience is wearing thin. You suppress you frustration in wrapping gifts. Then you find the tape on the table having looked right past them.

The ingenuity of self-deception is inexhaustible.

The act of rationalizing is so quick, the best you can do is to recognize when it occurs and choose to consider what else can be causing your reaction.

Hannah Moore- 1881

Accept responsibility for your actions

Accept yourself as powerful instead as a victim to remove the veil of self-deception. When you seek to find what is triggering how you feel in the moment, you give your self the chance to feel differently if you want to. You will also have clarity on what you need to do or what you need to ask for to change your circumstances.

What would your life be like if you were in control of your reactions? Would you feel free if you lived your life by choice?

As I said before I try every Christmas to. Wrap gifts, I use to spend the day wrapping all the gifts. My reaction was to get frustrated and lose my supplies ( tape, scissors, name tags.) I had to recognize I was having an emotional reaction to wrapping to many gifts at once. When I began wrapping a few gifts a everyday. My frustration stopped.

Recognizing that you are having an emotional reaction as soon as it begins to appear in your body. At any moment your rate of breathing, blood flow, the tension in your muscles, or construction in your gut. It represents a pattern you can identify as a feeling. The quicker you recognize that you are breathing fast, or not at all, that certain muscles in your body tighten, or you feel pressure in your gut. Stop and ask yourself what you are feeling and why.

Don’t judge or fear your emotions. No matter what you learned about the evils of emotions. If you don’t recognize your feeling, you cannot change them, and this negatively impacts your relationships, job performance, and your overall happiness.

If the emotion is related to fear, anger, frustration, or sadness, you have triggered an emotion.

What do you think you lost or what did you not get that you expected or desired to have?

The strengths that have help in your life are your greatest emotional triggers when you feel someone is not honoring one of them. When your brain perceived that someone has taken of plans to take one of these important things away from you, your emotions are triggered.

The quicker you notice an emotion is triggered, the quicker you can discover if the threat is real or not.

The Truth About Temptation

Temptation will come to your life sooner or later. I’m sure we have fallen into this trap at some point in our lives. But did you know we play a key role in how effectively you resist it? It is true satan plays a role in tempting you, you must first cooperate with him if your going to give in.

As believers in Christ, we face three enemies every day. The flesh, the world, and the devil. The flesh is the evil we have inside of us, the vulnerability, the prosperity to do wrong is next. Then there is satan with his outwards enticements, then comes the world. Our flesh with it desires is internal, Satan and the world with its enticements in it’s external for.

We should recognize that temptation originates with us bent forwarding doing the wrong things. If we give into temptation only have ourselves to blame. I have a temptation that gets me every time but I’m not giving up, one day I will be able to resist it. It’s playing bingo, it doesn’t matter where it is. I find myself going every time. And every time I find myself having to have alcohol it’s like the two go hand in hand. I never win at bingo, which discourages me from going for a while. But then I have a stressed-out day and I find myself going again.

But in Romans 6:16 it says Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted by God’s; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone.

Temptation generally comes after great times of blessing. When everything is going great and then the temptation sneaks in. A friend calls and wants you to go somewhere where you know you shouldn’t be. ”I’ll just go for a few

Everyone is minutes and then, I’ll just stay a little longer.” that’s how it happens with me. It should be No and No means No.

Everyone is tempted, the enemy focuses his attacks on those who are new in their faith and those who are making a difference in God’s kingdom. Many believers can recall that when they first came to Jesus they were hit with temptations. And any believer who says: Lord, I want you to use me must know that Satan will attack.

Have you ever been shocked after falling into sin and asked yourself how you ended up there? I know satan always tries the same ole temptations on me. You would think I wouldn’t ever fall for those again. He gets us where we are weakest. It was through a series of events that led you to rationalize that sin. Temptation usually comes in through our imagination. ”Maybe I’ll win at bingo this time.” Think of it as an unwelcome knock on your door. You know you will have trouble if you let it in. When the enemy comes knocking don’t open that door, don’t even look through the keyhole. Don’t underestimate the power of temptation and the sin of it.

Our first line of offense is your primary weapon ”The Word of God” if the devil whispers in your ear go ahead and sin, no one will ever know. Our response should be No, it is written in Hebrews 4:13, all things are naked and open to the eyes of Hi. To whom we must give account.

Temptation is the devil’s primary method of attack. We all know a lot about it. But it is something that everyone will experience. However, temptation can be resisted.

James 1:12 says Blessed is the man that endures temptation. In other words, happy is the person who makes it through temptation. If we respond as we should, then you ultimately will hold tighter to the Lord the next time satan comes with some kind of enticement.

Even. If we fall for satan’s enticements. Try again to resist him, we will get stronger next time he tries. Do not Give up or give in.

How To Release Faith And Let God Fight Your Battles

The Lord will fight for you while you only need to keep silent and remain calm.

I was on a journey for years to learn about the threats and attacks of satan. This wasn’t because I wanted to know how strong or how great he was, but because he did so much damage in my life. I know he’s affecting the lives of billions right now. What I have learned is it’s all smoke and mirrors; Satan has no real power.

It’s you and me that gives the devil his power. It’s not just the way it goes, or how it was meant to be, or just the hand you’ve been dealt. If the devil is messing in your life, it’s because you allow it and have given him dominion in your life. He has been invited into your life to destroy it.

When it comes to the spiritual realm, it’s important to understand the key players and what their powers are. In this battle there is good and it is evil. Jesus who is good, came to earth to take the power away from the enemy. He did this when he died and was raised back to life. At this time satan lost power over Jesus and anyone who would follow Jesus.

So, the power lies in who you give it to, plain and simple. If given the opportunity, the devil clusters our mind and puts thoughts of fear and doubts in our head to discourage us. To many people have given him the opportunity and now believe there is no way to find happiness, freedom, and joy. Do you feel like you are doomed to a life of Hell and misery on earth? With the media telling us, to have fear, anger, and greed, I’m not surprised if you feel this way. But, you don’t have to feel like you live in Hell and misery.

The entire purpose of our life is to bring Glory to God. While the devil wants to steal, kill and destroy your happiness God wants you to happily serve Him. The entire purpose of Satan is to bring glory to himself and away from God. Have you ever met someone who is filled with pride and self-love? That person is filled with the spirit of the devil.

A person who loves Jesus will be filled with love to follow Him and help grow the Kingdom of God. People who love God, care about where your soul goes. Their joy comes from things that Glorify God. This was Jesus’ way of living while on earth. He didn’t come to condemn or destroy or put a lot of rules on everyone. He came to show love and to heal. His goal was to help each of us find life through Him, and this brought glory to the Father.

God is the most powerful. His spirit has the power to do anything; even create the Heavens and the earth and all that’s in it. He has the power to cast the devil and the devil’s followers into Hell for eternity. But He also has power to give you eternal life in Heaven with Him.

So, when you listen to what’s on the news, know it is satan trying to mess with your life. Trust in God always.

Satan never was more powerful than God. He wanted to be, and for this, God cast him out of His presence forever. Not satan goes around like a big bully who is destroyed on their inside. His power is in casting fear over people and the power, authority, and dominion he has in peoples lives are only given to him by those who give in to his fearful thought, especially those who don’t understand the power of the Name of Jesus.

Feeling Sorry For Yourself Only Makes It Worse

People who feel sorry for themselves are miserable, and there’s no need to be miserable.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. (Proverbs 15:13)

We have all wallowed in self-pity or known someone that has. We think that of everyone we know, we are the most miserable. Our circumstances are bad. Everyone hates us. We can never do anything right.

Thinking and feeling like this makes us miserable. It’s selfish and wrong. What makes us think we are the only ones who have ever suffered? Deep down we know that not everyone is against us. Even if that were true, God is for us. Self-pity shown a lack of trust in God.

I had a counselor that once told me I was allowed to have a 10 minute pity party a week. And then to move on with my life. I thought what good is this going to do. But, after about a month of doing this. I realized how I was making myself miserable. And stopped having them all the together.

Before you start feeling sorry for yourself remember that the condition is common. There was a time when the prophet Elijah told a God that he was so bad off that he would rather die than live. (Kings: 19)

God responded by reminding Elijah that God was still with him and that things were not as bad as Elijah made them sound.

Sometimes our self-pity comes from jealousy. We see wicked people prospering and getting away with doing wrong. Remember God sees all and in the end they will not get away with anything.

In Psalms it says “I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong.” (Psalms 73:23-28)

When David in Psalms realized that the wicked would be punished eventually and that God was with him, he recovered from his self-pity.

Yes, I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand…it is good to be near God. (Psalm 73:23-28)

The Prophet Jonah feel sorry for himself when God showed mercy to sinners.

God responded, “Have you any right to be Angry?”

God had given Jonah chance after chance. But Johan god mad when his enemies received second chances.

The cure for self-pity is looking inward. It’s not all about you or me. Self-pity is, at it’s heart self-centered. Also quit looking around at others. Someone else always has it better and someone else always has it worse.

Psalm 37:1-2 says Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; like the grass, they will soon wither…

God will take care of everything eventually.

Rather than looking inward or outward, we should be looking upward. This is the only way to rid ourselves of self-pity and be truly happy.

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:3-4)

God Is A Promise Keeper

It is not unusual for casual promises to be made where a commitment is made by someone to do or not do something.

However, when the promise is broken, it can affect our trust in the person who broke the promise and vice versa which is important in a good relationship.

Scripture tells us in Ecclesiates 5:2 to be careful when we make promises to God about what we say to him and not let our feelings cause us to speak to soon.

Unlike the casual promises that are often made the promises of God are rock solid, they are clear commitments made by God Himself because God is faithful.

As recipients of the divine promises of God, we have full assurance that what God has pledged will indeed be realized, in other words what God has said in His word, He will do and what He has promised, He will fulfill (Numbers 23: 19).

We can fully trust in the promises of God. Scripture tells us that the pro of God are all yes and amen in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20).

In fact , none of Gods promises in the Bible will ever fail.

According to Joshua 23: 14, this is what it says “not one word has failed of all the good things that the Lord your God promised concerning you. All have come to pass for you, not one of them has failed.”

God’s promises are there for His children of the Most High God to take hold of and enforce in our lives based on the finished works of Jesus, on the Cross.

No matter what you face, the one thing you can be sure of are the promises of God in your life.

God cares and what we go through in our life matters to God.

Even the Holy Spirit is a promise from God to all believers.

Keep standing on the promises of God when it comes to anything that concerns you which includes your circumstances.

Cling to the promises of God, He is the one true Promise Keeper.

God is a promise keeper. Take him at his word. He’ll never leave you or forsake you. He’s always with you. He will do what he promised.

Releasing Bitter Root Judgements

In relation to forgiving others, two of the most important people who you can forgive are your mother and father. A bitter-root judgement is a judgement that a person makes at some times during their childhood against his or her mother or father, or caregiver. Many times it a subconscious judgement rather than a conscious one. It goes deep into his or heart, mind and spirit.

A root of bitterness comes from unforgiveness and can lead to resentment that defiles others, it comes from failing to secure God’s grace to forgive. Hebrews 12:15 says “See that no one comes short of the grace of God: that no root bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled.

These judgements are roots in the past and can influence your present and future. Then, because of the law of judgement, the one who judges at some point in his life sentences himself to do the very thing that he judges in his parents.

Romans 2: 1-2 says There fore you are inexcusable O’man, whoever you are who judge, for when whatever you judge another you condemn yourself. For you who judge practice the same things. But we know that the judgement of God is according to truth against those who practice such things.

Remembering how I judged my mother. I have seen this come true. I didn’t know why or how she could do the things she did, and I judged her harshly. I Not only judged her, I blamed her for everything wrong in my life. I would say “If my mother hadn’t done these things I would be in this situation. Yes I was emotionally hurt and suffer from nerve injuries from what she did but, she definitely not the cause of all my trouble. I was being Judged by God for my refusal to forgive her.

The judgements that we make in bitterness actually start a cycle that will cause us to fall into the same set of situations over and over until we deal with our root issues in our lives. Our merciful, Heavenly Father does this because sin, when it is full grown brings death.

The principle of releasing bitter root judgements is one of the most powerful truths I have learned in my own Christian walk. Anytime there is an unreasonable situation surrounding me, I always check to see if I have a root of bitterness.

Bitter root judgements are much more powerful than what counselors call “psychological expectancy.” This occurs when people are hurt enough through authority figures and expect all other authority figures to treat them the same way. The leaders can be defiled and even against their will, start to treat the person just like all the other authority figures in their past.

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23

Beauty in your life- change your thoughts for a positive outlook